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Following is a list of the forms, newsletters, bulletins, databases, documents, finding aids, guidance notes that provide detailed information about the services offered and activities carried out by the Cayman Islands National Archive, to fulfill its three high-level functions and responsibilities.

All documents are accessible by visiting the Archive’s Reception Desk, (RR) and/or via email at, unless otherwise noted.

Archive Management

NB. * Accessible online at

Fee Schedules

  1. National Archive Publications: Retail and Student Price List (CI$)*
  2. Reproduction Fees CI$* and US$ banks drafts – for photographs, audio-visual records, photocopies and microform.

Forms – For Public Use

  1. Application for Reader’s Tickets* and Reader’s Ticket – application and ticket to access CINA’s Historical Collections; accessible in Reading Room
  2. Donation Agreement - agreement between CINA and private donors concerning donations into Historical Collection
  3. Reproduction Request Form - work order request form for copies of all records from CINA’s Historical Collections; including photocopies, photographs, audiovisual, microfiche, etc.
  4. Photographic Publication Request Form* - application to publish photographic records & manage usage of images obtained from CINA’s Photographic Collections; accessible in Reading Room
  5. Photographic Disclaimer labels – labels restricting further reproduction; provided with all photographic print orders
  6. Audiovisual Publication Request Form

Forms – Internal Use

  • Accession Information Sheet - records detailed information of private donations upon receipt
  • Microfiche Sale Log - records sale of microfiche
  • Microfiche Order - order form to replenish microfiche stock for sale
  • CINA Photographic Order Forms - work order forms for the reproduction of archival records, as follows
    • Photographic Order Form
    • Audiovisual Order Form
    • Photographic Order Form for Textual Materials
  • CINA Transfer Form – for transferring Government records to CINA Historical Collections

Databases – For Public Use

  • Class Description Database – links to Guide to Records Copied from The National Archives (England & Wales)
  • Guide to Records Copied from The National Archives (England & Wales) - a catalogue describing copied information pertaining to the Cayman Islands
  • Index to Laws 1865-1962 - a catalogue indexing CI Laws in CINA’s Historical Collection
  • Marriage Registrations - a catalogue listing the microfiche reference numbers of Marriage Registrations according to Marriage Officers, districts and dates
  • Moving Image - a catalogue describing CINA’s film (reel-to-reel, VHS and DVD collection)
  • Newstar - a catalogue summarising the main articles Newstar magazines
  • Nor’wester - a catalogue summarising the articles in the Nor’wester magazines
  • Oral History - a catalogue summarising oral history interviews
  • Published Moving Images – links to Moving Image
  • Photographic Collections - a catalogue of CINA’s Photographic Collections for public access only (copy)

Databases – Internal Use

  • Accession Register - a catalogue briefly describing privately donated materials
  • 2012-2013 Archival Acquisitions - statistical log of materials acquired into the Historical Collection of the Cayman Islands
  • Central Registry - a catalogue describing Government’s historical documentary pre-1980’s
  • Commissioner’s Correspondence - a descriptive catalogue of letters to and from the Commissioners of the Cayman Islands
  • Government Publications Listing - a catalogue listing published and non-published material from public authorities
  • Government Notices - a catalogue indexing public notification of events by the CI Government; precursor to the Gazette
  • Image - a catalogue of CINA’s Photographic Collections
  • Index to Collections - a catalogue indexing CINA’s private Collections numerically
  • Legislative Assembly Sound Recordings - a catalogue listing sound recordings from the Legislative Assembly meetings
  • Maps - a catalogue describing CINA’s Maps collection
  • 2012-2013 Potential Acquisitions Log (D) – a descriptive and statistical log of potential materials that may be acquired into the Historical Collections
  • Reference Library - a catalogue listing one-off publications relating to the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean
  • Reference Library – Serials - a catalogue listing newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters of the Cayman Islands primarily and the Caribbean
  • 2012-2013 Reference Log - a statistical log of inquiries pertaining to access to historical information
  • Shelf - an obsolete location listing of CINA’s Historical Collections
  • Staff Library - a catalogue of staff reference material

Electronic Finding Aids - For Public Use (PDF and Microsoft Word files; printed copies also available)

  • Alphabetical Index to Laws 1865-1962 - alphabetical listing of Cayman Islands Laws found in CINA’s Reference Library
  • Birth Index – Microsoft Word files (also available on Microfiche) - partial alphabetical listing by district of birth registrations (also available by numerical certificate listing)
  • Cayman Brac Cemeteries Index
  • Chronological Index to Laws 1865-1962 - chronological listing of Cayman Islands Laws found in CINA’s Reference Library
  • Genealogical Records on Microfiche Available for Sale
  • Grand Cayman Cemeteries Indes
  • Nor’wester - searchable electronic copies of Nor’wester magazine
  • Summary of Public Recorder’s Records 1778-1953

Electronic Finding Aids – Internal Use (Microsoft Word and Excel files; printed copies also available)

  • Funeral Programmes - alphabetical listing
  • Marriage Programmes - alphabetical listing
  • Microfiche Collection by Holdings - a listing according to historical records of information available on microfiche
  • National Trust Historic Site Inventory - detailed inventory of buildings (pre-1950) or sites recognized as having historical significance
    • Copy Negative Listing - a listing of inventory images
    • File List - a listing of historical sites in the Cayman Islands by district
  • Oral History Narrators listing

Printed Finding Aids – For Public Use

  • An Annotated Bibliography: The Presbyterian Church in the Cayman Islands - summary of copies of published sources from cultural institutions in Scotland
  • Catalogue of Jamaica Original Correspondence 1831-1835 - a listing of copies of records from Jamaica relating to the Cayman Islands
  • Catalogue of Memory Bank1 Tapes (to March 17, 2005) - listing of narrators, (persons interviewed) district, interviewer, date of interview and main subjects.
  • CINA. Oral History Programme: Narrator List to June 2008 - listing of narrators by district.
  • Guide to Moving Images - a descriptive list of CINA’s film (reel-to-reel, VHS and DVD) collection
  • Guide to Records Copied from The National Archives (England & Wales)
  • Index to Government Notices - catalogue indexing public notification of events by the CI Government; precursor to the Gazette
  • Index to Laws - listing of all Cayman Islands Laws in the Reference Library
  • Index to Notes on the History of the Cayman Islands by George S. S. Hirst – a name, subject and place index to the titled book
  • Inventory to Selected Manuscripts of the Presbyterian Church in The Cayman Islands – summary of manuscript copies from cultural institutions in Scotland.
  • Memory Bank1 Glossary of Unfamiliar/Dialect Words as Used in Memory Bank Interviews: A work in progress

Printed Finding Aids – Internal Use

  • National Trust Historic Site Inventory
    • Copy Negative Listing
    • File List
  • Vertical Files - a list of the subject headings for the Vertical Files – miscellaneous information relating to the Cayman Islands donated by the public

Brochures, Pamphlets, Journals

  • Genealogical Records: An aid to locating your ancestors - briefly describes the main genealogical records in the Historical Collections
  • Our Nation’s Memory: Preserving Today for Tomorrow - a synopsis of CINA, briefly describing the main functions
  • CINA Vanguard Journal

Oral History Forms – Internal Use

  • Interview Inventory - list of interviews by year includes reference code
  • Narrator Agreement - agreement between CINA and interviewee
  • Preservation of Tapes Removal - tracks movement of audio carriers during preservation work
  • Transcribers Agreement - agreement between CINA and staff employed as transcribers transcribe oral history interviews
  • Transcribing Record - records the progress of editing work on transcripts
  • Videographer Agreement - agreement between CINA and staff employed to video oral history interviews
  • Volunteer Work Sheet - records removal and return of oral history material
  • Working Copy Removal - tracks movement of transcripts during editing process
  • 1 Renamed Oral History Programme

Government Records Management (RM)

All documents are accessible by visiting CINA’s Reception Desk, (RR) and/or via email at, unless otherwise noted as * which denotes that it is accessible online at

Forms – For Public Authorities

  • File Plan and Disposal Schedule Template – used by Public Authorities to create their file plan and disposal schedule
  • Proof of Destruction Form – to document the destruction of records that have passed their minimum retention period, as set out in the disposal schedule
  • Records Management System (RMS) User Manual – a manual for all Records Officers in public authorities in using RMS, an electronic system for tracking the lifespan of government records
  • Request for New RMS Username – Records Management System
  • Using RMS – Registration Form (for staff of public authorities to register to attend CINA training session entitled "Using RMS")
  • Transfer Form – Template (template form for transferring records between Ministries)
  • Transfer Form - Example (completed example)

Forms – Internal Use

  • Verification Worksheet for Operational File Plan and Disposal Schedule - checklist

Databases – Internal Use

  • Public Sector Provenance Database – historical and current information on the administrative structure of all public authorities
  • 2012-2013 RM and RMS Inquiries Log – a statistical log of inquiries pertaining to RM and RMS
  • Transfer Database – a descriptive summary of non-system (RMS) records obtained from public authorities

Tools – For Public Authorities

  • General Guidance on the Migration of Records as Part of a Policy for the Disposal of Electronic Data Storage ContainersGuidance on Implementing Email Policy*
  • Guidance for Managing Electronic Records
  • Managing Records During Administrative Change
  • Records Management Bulletins*
  • Records Management Glossary

Preservation Management

Forms – Internal Use

  • CINA Preservation Site Visit Report template

Databases – Internal Use

  • Conservation Treatment Database – records invasive/non-invasive treatment carried out on documents
  • 2012-2013 Micrographics Stats Database – records the production of microfiche
  • 2012-2013 Preservation Photographic Stats – records the production of photographic orders and scanning projects

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