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Following is a timeline on the establishment of CINA:

1985 — Discussions about the establishment of an archive, which began with a report by a British Executive Services Overseas advisor, John Cantewell

1987 — Mr. Cantewell returned and summed up that it was the same as when he was here last only worse

1988 — Government made the decision that there was to be an Archive

1988-1990 — Dr Norman Reid – Archivist was hired as a consultant hired to set things up and establish the archive

1991 — The Cayman Islands National Archive opened in the Tower Building with an Archivist and Conservator

1991 — The Institute of Caymanian Heritage Law was created but never Gazetted

1992 — CINA moved into its current building and additional records staff member was hired. Initial focus was records management

1993/1994 — Archive management work began

2007 — The National Archive and Public Records Law enacted.

2010 — The National Archive and Public Records Law revised.

2011 — The Archive building renamed.

2015 — The National Archive and Public Records Law revised.

For more information on the development of CINA, please contact CINA to view a report entitled “Establishment of Cayman Islands Archive & Record Centre: Report of BESO Adviser”, 24 October, 1987. BESO is British Executive Services Overseas and the Advisor was John Cantewell.

Last Updated 2018-04-30